COGNITIVE FUNCTION FOR PERFORMANCE: Most individuals are not able to maintain and sustain optimal cognitive performance due to the lack of essential nutrients and supplements which can catalyse the chemicals required for specific neurotransmitters in the brain to function and perform at its optimum level – read on for more information!


HEALTHY BRAIN FOR MOOD: Serotonin a brain chemical can encourage happy feelings. When serotonin levels are abnormally low, this can compromise healthy and normal brain function. 5 HTP converts directly in the brain to serotonin.

HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS: ‘TrueVit 5HTP Serotonin Brain Supplement’ is sourced from the seed pods of Griffonia simplicifolia, in West Africa. We have also added in Bioperine and Vitamin B6 to ensure the product absorbs and gives maximum nutritional benefit possible. We always manufacture in the UK to the highest GMP standards.

HONEST AND ETHICAL: ‘TrueVit 5HTP Serotonin Brain Supplement’ is completely free from gluten, and is 100% suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Each ingredient in our formulation are GMO-free and paleo friendly. The entire formulation of this amazing brain booster is open source and transparent, allowing you to see and learn about every ingredient in its composition.


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