Welcome to the family. At Truevits, we are committed to improving peoples health and wellbeing in order to support a better everyday life for all our customers. 

We've created the TrueVit Tribe to give our customers transparency, value and support; making a healthy lifestyle cheaper and more informed.

What is the TrueVit Tribe?

The TrueVit Tribe is an exclusive club offering loads of amazing value! We are our customers, without you, we wouldn’t exist. For that reason, we want to make your every experience with us an amazing one! Hence, the TrueVit Tribe was born.

Exclusive Rewards Program for all Tribe Members

Exclusive to Tribe Members, you can win points in exchange for free products, money off vouchers and a couple hidden bonuses along the way.

We value loyalty, so repeat customers get extra goodies too! 😁

Extended 60 Day No Quarrel Refund Guarantee

We love our products, and hope you will too. We know we can't please everyone, so if you're not 100% happy, we offer a risk free 60 day money back guarantee, meaning that all members can purchase with absolute confidence.

Simply return any unused TrueVit products in its original packaging within 60 days of receiving your order and we’ll give you a full refund, excluding any shipping charges.

Send us an email to and we'll get back to you ASAP. Please view our Refund Policy for further information.

Exclusive Content from our Nutritionist and Health Experts

Our team of nutritionists and health experts are always busy researching and studying to improve the health of people just like you.

They'll often share what they've learnt and give useful tips, guides and articles on what really matters, your health and wellbeing.

A Special Birthday Gift Every Year

We love birthdays! Get a present from us each year on your special day. 

If you're a loyal customer, you'll receive bigger and better presents year on year. 

Weekly Giveaways

Each week, a gross of our customers will be chosen at random to receive free products, vouchers, discounts and special guides. 

Occasionally we'll offer similar prizes as in our monthly competitions such as one-to-one nutritionist support and customised dietary plans.

All you have to do is be apart of the tribe, so best of luck!

Monthly Competitions

We'll offer monthly competitions to win our big prizes such as holidays, one-to-one nutritionist support, customised dietary plans and a heap of free products.

Follow our emails and have a look out for our competitions. Good luck!

+ Many More Features

Priority email support - simply contact us

Early bird access to all our new products (with loads for free product giveaways)

Priority online customer service chat (coming soon) 

Access to weekly webinars with our in-house nutritionist (coming soon)

Custom health check - get an evaluation on the state of your health, and how to get the most out of your healthcare routine (coming soon)

How It Works

Simply create an account and you're automatically a TrueVit Tribe member. Either fill in the form below, or click the green 'Rewards' button in the bottom corner of the screen and click 'Join now'. 

You can earn tribe points to get some fancy rewards. You can ways to earn these points, and ways to spend them in the green 'Rewards' button.

Create an Account

By signing up, you agree to receive special discounts and offers, free guides and resources, and have access to special features for TrueVit Naturals products and services. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost?

Nope, it's absolutely free to join the Tribe!

Do you need my bank details?

Nope, we will never ask for your bank details unless you are buying one of the many product on our website.

What do you need to know about me and how will you use it?

All we need is your name, email and password. We use this just to customise your experience, send emails to you and for you to sign into the TrueVit website.

We will never share your information to third parties.

How do you store my data?

Your data and shopping cart experience is hosted on a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant server and SSL encrypted. 

In other words, your data is very secure.

Can I access and edit my data at any time?

Of course! Just log into your account and edit your info.

English isn't my first language, will be content be translated into other languages?

Not yet, but we're working on that.

Send us a message at advising us what your first language is and if you have any particular guide you would like translated, and we'll give you a message when we've translated into your language.