Winter Survival Tips For Dry Skin and Hair

Your winter survival guide continues here, folks. Cold weather at this time of year is a nightmare for so many reasons, but it’s especially a disaster for skin and hair. Skin is left dry and flaky, hair is dull and lifeless, and lips are cracked and broken. Here, we’ll break down why this happens, and what you can do to survive the cold looking and feeling great.

The reason your skin and hair dries out so much in winter is a result of humidity: with lower levels of moisture in the air at lower temperatures, it’s much harder for skin to stay naturally hydrated. On top of that, exposing your skin to the cold causes blood vessels to constrict in order to retain heat. And just when you thought staying warm and cosy indoors could solve the problem, cranking up the central heating is even more effective at drying your skin and hair out. It’s a real uphill struggle.

Okay, so every aspect of winter is out to get you – what can you do to help your body survive and prevent living through the season as a dried out husk? Let’s talk preventions and remedies.


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Hydration: The biggest, most obvious solution here is to keep yourself hydrated the old fashioned way. Drinking lots of water throughout the day ensures your skin has moisture to draw from, which goes a long way in preventing it from drying out and flaking. Simple, eh?

Wrap up warm: Listen to your Granny, she knows what she’s talking about! Keeping your skin covered when outdoors in cold temperatures is the single most effective step you can take in preventing dryness. Basically, keeping your skin at an optimal temperature means the less work it has to do to conserve heat, and the less water gets wicked away. Hats, gloves, scarves, the lot – it’s obvious, but it works.

Avoid hot water: Possibly the most miserable image in winter is that of a cold shower, so let’s not even entertain that. Instead, keep temperatures warm, but avoid anything overly hot. The excess heat from extremely hot showers and baths will dry your skin out in no time, leaving it much worse for wear. Reasonable temperatures = happy skin. Dry yourself gently afterwards to avoid damaging skin and hair, and take a few extra moments to moisturise and keep that moisture locked in.


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Moisturise and condition: But of course! Look for moisturisers with natural ingredients to give your skin a healthy boost. My favourite to use is shea butter, which is gentle to skin and effective at locking in moisture. A natural, moisturising lip balm can keep lips soft and supple – look in particular for ones containing Vitamin E for extra nourishment. For hair, now is the time to invest in a more heavy-duty conditioner to give your hair that extra bit of protection. Consider leave-in treatments too, to double the effect. For both, look for products containing coconut oil or argan oil, both of which are excellent at restoring and protecting your hair’s moisture levels.


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Exfoliate: Winter is the time of year to get fully into exfoliating as part of your routine. Gentle daily exfoliation is the key to removing dry, flaky skin and keeping your face and body feeling fresh, and letting glowing new skin shine through. By removing the dry, dead skin left on your face, you can prevent skin looking dull and pores from getting clogged. Pay particular attention to lips too – they are one of the most delicate parts of your face and often suffer the worst in cold weather.

And there you have it! Take care of yourself this winter, and stay warm, hydrated, and moisturised, and your body will thank you!

January 03, 2019 — Eleni Mills

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