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Hello! 😀

My name is Simi, I’m a qualified and registered nutritionist with the Association of Nutrition (AFN). My main interests in nutrition are mindful eating, sports nutrition, and canine nutrition! I love all animals, but I have a lovely dog myself which is why I’m particularly interested in canine health. I completed my degree in Nutrition and Health and then I went on to work for a cardiovascular disease prevention service. This involved nutrition plans which were heart friendly and also a lot of weight loss advice as well as focusing on health related issues such as high cholesterol and blood pressure, so was slightly more of a clinical nutrition role.  

After a few years there I then went on to use my canine nutrition knowledge at a Veterinary practice, where I worked for a short time and learned so much more about animals as well as having the benefits of animal cuddles! I then took some time out from employment to study further and specialise in sports nutrition, something that has always fascinated me, without sounding like a nutrition geek! The discipline, commitment, and determination in sportspersons and their nutrition is something I very much admire and am pleased to now be a part of.

I have completed various work experience in between these jobs in the field of nutrition to build up my nutrition knowledge and experience and have loved engaging with different people along the way. I’m passionate about healthy eating but also the enjoyment and appreciation of food which is something I feel enough people aren’t doing. To me, if you can’t enjoy what you’re eating, your life is incomplete! Outside of nutrition, my hobbies are hiking – I love to explore new scenery such as woodlands and mountains. I also play the Viola – in case unfamiliar with this it is just like a violin but has a slightly deeper sound!  I love watching all kinds of movies, one of my favourite things to do is a good old movie night with snacks. 😁

So that’s a short bit about myself and nutrition background so far, I hope to continue to engage others in their own nutrition and health so they are happy and more understanding of nutrition today.

Simi 😀

November 23, 2018 — TrueVit Naturals
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