Great Weight Loss Ideas

Small changes can make a big difference and here are a few to point you in the right direction. Kick out the old bad habits and bring in the new you.

1- Make nutrients your top priority

Plan your meals and look for food with carbs and protein as these will take longer to digest. This way you will feel fuller for longer and less likely to snack in between meals.

2- Watch what you eat

We mean this in the quite literal sense. Don’t position food where you can see it and therefore might be tempted to snack. This also works when
eating your main meals. Don’t put extra portions within reach and/or eyesight.

3- Keep track of your diet

This has no doubt been suggested to you many times previously, but there’s a good reason. If your weight loss campaig isn’t going well, you’ll need to find out where it’s going wrong. It’s much easier with records rather than having to remember.

4- Begin your meal with soup

If you start with a low-calorie soup, it will make you less hungry and you’ll eat less of your main course. It will also help to pack in some of your five a day.

5- Don’t rush

This is another way to trick your stomach. If you eat quickly, you’ll eat more. The reason? It takes 2o minutes for your stomach to register that it’s full. If you take your time, you’ll not overeat and will be able to manage the amount you consume much more readily.

6- Think smart

Small balanced meals every three hours is – according to science- the best way to control our hunger and ensure we don’t eat too much.

7- Take your carbs

Make sure you are getting enough carbs as a lack of these can cause us to crave sugary food and completely put us on the wrong track.

8- Plan ahead

If you’re serious about weight loss, you’ll need to set some time aside each week to plan your meals a week ahead. This way you can take control of what you are eating. If you don’t get into this habit, it will be very easy to make sudden and incorrect chioces on the spur of the moment.

9-Don’t avoid socialising

Taking control of your eating habits doesn’t mean you can’t go out. If you’re going somewhere there’s likely to be snacks, make sure you eat before you go. We don’t mean take in an extra meal- just a healthy one at your usual time.

10- Always eat breakfast

Many people think skipping breakfast will save them from calories. Not so!A study has shown that when people eat in the morning, they are less likely to snack during the day to overcompensate. A filling, healthy low-calorie breakfast is perfect.

11- Get plenty of sleep

An extra hour of sleep per night can result in a loss of weight. Sleep deprevation on the other hand can lead to immediate weight gain. Turn in a little earlier and you’ll see the benefits.

12- Eat as soon as you’ve exercised

When you overestimate the calories you burn during exercise, you may eat more than you need, making weight loss and maintenance difficult. It’s easy to wipe out the calories burned during a workout with just a few extra nibbles during the day.

September 25, 2018 — Christopher Niven

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