Great Ways to Get Younger Looking Skin

As we age, maintaining youthful, healthy skin can be a challenge. After all, your skin puts up with an awful lot. Looking after it and improving its appearance is basic TLC. Maintain your youthful skin with a consistent skin care regimen. Here are a few great ways to get younger looking skin.

1- Keep hydrated

This is probably the most important piece of advice. Dehydrated skin will look as good as it sounds. Water makes up to around 65% of your body so it’s no surprise to hear that depriving it of H20 will have a detrimental effect. You should drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.

2- Eat healthy

Be mindful of what you put in your body. It’s goes without saying as to what greasy food will do to your skin. Make sure you’re getting your five-a-day and take in some omega-3 fatty acids (they’re found in high doses in fatty fish).

3- Reduce your exposure to the sun

When going out in the sunlight, always ensure you’re wearing adeqate sunscreen and reapply when needed.

4- Exfoliation

Have a regular exfoliation and cleansing routine. You can do this at home by using yogurt, oatmeal, and rosewater. Stick with natural skin care routines over store brought ones. Spare your skin of the harsh chemicals.


5- Get plenty of sleep

You should be getting around 8 hours sleep per night. If not, change the time you go to bed, if possible. If you’re tired, your skin will display it for all to see.

6- Moisturise

Use a good moisturiser for your skin to help boost your skin’s cell regeneration. For nights, a thick and creamy moisturiser does wonders. Use an under eye gel and pamper the skin under your eyes.

7- Cut down on cigarettes and alcohol


Ideally we would say “quit completely”, but that’s not as easy as it sounds. The more you reduce, the better it will be for your skin.

8- Get plenty of exercise

Exercise regularly for a healthy body and skin. Try yoga, meditation, and deep breathing exercises to keep your nerves calm. Stress is the biggest enemy for good skin.


9- Take your vitamin C

Vitamin C is crucial to the ­formation of collagen. Without it amino acids can’t be linked to form the protein.


10- Cut back on sugar

Eating too much can cause premature ageing of the skin by a process called glycation. This is where excess sugar in the blood attaches itself to lipids, nucleic acids and proteins (especially your collagen) to form “advanced glycation end ­products” or AGEs, which accelerate the ageing process and so cause wrinkly skin.

September 25, 2018 — Christopher Niven

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