5 Incredible Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil is an edible oil made from, as the name would suggest, pressed seeds of the hemp plant. While it does come from the same plant as cannabis, Hemp Seed Oil contains extremely low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, aka THC, and therefore doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. It does, on the other hand, have a huge range of health benefits, which we’ll explore here.

1. Helps maintain heart health

Hemp seed oil is an excellent source of arginine, an amino acid responsible for helping the body produce nitric oxide. This gas molecule helps blood vessels dilate, which leads to lowered blood pressure, helping reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition, the essential fatty acid content in hemp seed oil is also able to balance out the body’s cholesterol levels, further protecting the heart.


2. Aids healthy brain development

If you’re familiar with the benefits of essential fatty acids on brain function, the fatty acids that make up hemp seed oil work in much the same way. The main player here is docosahexaenoic acid, also known as DHA. This is an important structural component in brain and eye development, and can help keep them healthy and functioning well. This can help improve cognitive function, reduce the effects of stress, stabilise moods, and help with memory.

hemp plant inspected in hand

3. Supports healthy hair, skin & nails

Hemp seed oil can not only provide benefits to your insides, but to your outsides too. When applied to the skin, hemp seed can be used as a powerful moisturiser, reducing skin dryness and irritation. The same goes for hair and nails – its effective moisturising properties can be used to combat the dryness and brittleness that can damage hair and nails.

Hemp seed oil’s anti-inflammatory properties come into play here too. By helping reduce inflammation on the skin, hemp seed oil can be used to help treat acne, and also help soothe and speed up the healing process of damaged skin.

4. A powerful protein source

The relative amount of protein found in hemp seeds is incredible - by weight, they are comparable to beef and lamb in terms of protein content. Also, given that they provide the body with all the essential amino acids the body needs, they are deemed a complete protein source. Not bad for a plant, right? One of the few other plant-based complete protein sources is quinoa, already astoundingly popular for its health benefits. We’re in good company here!

hemp plant being grown

5. Greater sustainability

Hemp seed oil, compared to other oils, takes the lead in sustainability and ecological impact. Hemp plants are fast-growing and require little space compared to other plants, allowing fast and efficient production. It’s also capable of growing without the aid of most pesticides, and uses little water in comparison to other crops. The cold pressing involved in producing hemp seed oil is light on production, too, further reducing its environmental impact. And, of course, compared to fish oils, the other huge source of omega 3 & 6, hemp seed oil involves no use of animal products.

February 05, 2019 — Eleni Mills

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